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My 18 month old loves this book. He has a wall full of books and only about a handful of those he just wants to read non-stop…..A Little Goes a Long Way is one of those few favorites. He comes running to me with this book in hand, plops in my lap, and usually has me read it at least three times in one sitting. The story teaches kids a great lesson, and the illustrations are beautiful. Would highly recommend.      – Amazon Customer


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Readers\' Favorite Book Contest Award WinnerReviewed by Cheryl Schopen for Readers’ Favorite

In A Little Goes a Long Way, written by Ashley Mills Monaghan and illustrated by Vivian Nguyen, Fin, along with his adorable dog, Sausages, tries his best to help his family out by doing some chores. From giving the dog way too much food to putting way too much laundry detergent in the washer, Fin quickly realizes, with the help of his parents and grandparents, that a little goes a long way.

I have read quite a few children’s books recently, and I have to say that this book is the cutest so far. There was something about it that just had me smiling from ear to ear throughout the whole story. It could be the fact that it is written in a perfectly simplistic way that children will understand and relate to. It could most certainly be the fact that the illustrations were absolutely adorable, unique, and incomparable. It could also be the fact that even though presented in a simple way, this story teaches a valuable lesson of conservation and love. Then again, it could be all of the above. I just absolutely loved this book, and I don’t have one single negative thing to say about it.

I read this book on my computer, but I will definitely be purchasing a paperback copy for my daughter, who needs to learn the lessons taught and who will completely love the illustrations. With a super cute story and fantastic images, A Little Goes a Long Way is a must-read. Ashley Mills Monaghan and Vivian Nguyen make the perfect team, and I hope to see more from them both. I will gladly add this book and any others created by them to my daughter’s growing library.

“A Little Goes a Long Way” receives Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival 2014!

Ashley Mills Monaghan was among the selected few award winning authors from the San Francisco Book Festival 2014 to attend the awards ceremony that took place on May 17, 2014 at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, CA. “A Little Goes a Long Way” received honorable mention in the Children’s Book category. This is Ashley’s first published book, first submission to a festival and first award received for the publication of “A Little Goes a Long Way.”
“A Little Goes a Long Way ” is also available at Pages: a Bookstore, Manhattan Beach CA, Bank of Books, Malibu, Lollipop Children’s Boutique in Redondo Beach, Little Freebirds in Laguna Beach and Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA.
We’re going national! Now available at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR and at Booksellers at Laurelwood in Memphis TN, Women’s Exchange, Memphis, TN, Clinton Book Shop, NJ
Also Available at Barnes & Noble:

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