Hollywood Book Festival, 2014


I still can’t believe I won Runner Up in the children’s book category at the Hollywood Book Festival. When I checked out the list of winners, my eyes went directly to the Honorable Mention list because I was thinking if I won anything, it’d be in that list. I wasn’t surprised to not see my name but before any bit of disappointment could set in I scrolled up and there was my name — Runner Up!! I didn’t actually think I was going to win anything at all with this festival because after I had entered it, it occurred to me that what the judges were looking for was not only the quality of storytelling but the potential of the book in becoming an entertainment and media source for TV. It got me thinking, maybe this little book of mine could be turned into a TV series after all. This festival win has inspired me to think about where I could see this little book going if it had a big opportunity to get into a TV series. My brother is a screen writer and actor and we have decided to collaborate on drafting a series pitch and write up an episode or two. Over the next few weeks I will try to develop the concept into a more solid and concrete vision with how a book like this could translate as a TV series for children. The possibilities in the world of writing are endless!

I decided not to attend the awards this time around as it was very costly. But, I did still receive my certificate and I ordered a digital badge to go on the cover. Now we have 2 seals. Vivian and I will be playing around with a cover design using these seals and will hopefully have a new cover in the coming weeks. Having two wins behind me creates opportunity to keep the momentum going. It also gives me the confidence to brush off any rejection that comes my way. I know it’s not the Caldecott Award or anything, but it’s an award nonetheless. Of the thousands who entered the contest that were judged by a panel of experts, our little book got a big win and I could not be more proud.



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